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Verywell Mind is an online resource with content created by over 100 healthcare professionals and industry experts including doctors, therapists, and social workers and vetted by board-certified physicians. They provide an EXCELLENT place to find and explore resources for your mental and emotional health. 


This current Master has positively influenced myself and many others who want to communicate and understand better.  Dive deep for yourself and others, alone or together, there is A LOT of insights from this clear and conscious being. Click to be direct to his website   JOHN WINELAND  or  Check out his YOUTUBE channel and subscribe.   You'll BOTH be thankful.

Below are some of my favourites.


Starting at 1:58, John talks about how we ALL get butt hurt at moments.  This gives you some solid insights on how to master yourself during those common surfaced moments.

Sharing male and female perspectives with such clarity, charm and sincerity.  Must watch alone and with your partner.

A must watch for women.  A must-need for men.  How to tame a partner's pain.

Need someone to talk to?

A great source for help.  Insightful online articles, and this reliable source has a great website feature... 
An easy way to find a therapist local to your area and of personal preference.

We REALLY like...


Benjamin Gibson
Registered Psychotherapist,  MScRP

If you are looking for some deeply sincere professional help, someone to guide you through the process of balancing emotions and calming storms of thoughts.  Ben is a fine therapist to trust. 

For Ben's listing info Click HERE 


Victoria Lorient-Faibish 
Registered Psychotherapist, RP, MEd, CCC, RPE

A powerful igniter of change, Victoria will have you questioning AND answering yourself.  She is usually booked up, but catch her about town and explore her website with LOTS of insights.  Click HERE


Tiffany Lazic
Registered Psychotherapist

Tiffany focuses on the spiritual component to self actualization and self realization. 

Find Tiffany Here

For Acute Pain and Human Touch Massage

West End - The Junction
Downtown Toronto - Queen & Spadina


A reliable resource where you can find videos on how to gain awareness in mental health tendencies, insights and...emotional HELP.

MedCircle has one goal — to help people who live with mental illness become highly educated so they can take control of their own mental health.

Click on image to explore their website.

APPS for daily use.

This is for those looking to engage in a long term routine to create a clear positive influence for your state of being.

Check in with this well established APP on how you’re feeling, and try short activities tuned to your emotions.

90 seconds...

Click here to explore this innovative site just for you...yes you...a person seeking a moment of quiet.

Sometimes there are no words....and one must click to understand.

Got aches and pains?

Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck offer some great video's to help certain physical discomforts and some. 
Explore their YOUTUBE channel and find some tips on how to ease common aches and pains.  Over 1 million subscribers and growing. 

Humbleness gets easier with time...

Six elements of an effective apology, according to science.

A great read to absorb and learn for yourself the power of "SORRY" and...
Click here for article.
Share this with those that may need help saying "I'm sorry"

it's a good one for clarity on asking and receiving forgiveness!

Want to feel ALIGNED?

This is the place to try all things with FREQUENCY and ENERGETIC influences for the betterment of one's state of being. Try Soul 7 for relaxing guided meditations on their amazing vibrating, zero gravity loungers. You'll not only feel spoiled, you'll find your balance and calming breath.  Click on logo to explore their innovative technologies.

Located in Yorkville. 
A must try!

Are you interested in TAROT cards?

These links will lead you to various sites that offer FREE readings.  Begin the journey with these insightful and well-done TAROT resources. You'll find a variety of decks to play and personally progress with.  Grab a tea, juice or glass of wine and enjoy.

Learn about the future of humanity with technology. 
When science and spirituality meet!
This is an extensive series ideal for those fascinated with BRAIN function. Start here, but there is more, lots more.

A unique space for meditation.

This is it my friends...a close cousin to my vision for sincerity centres.  I tried out the Salt Cave experience and will continue to explore more of their offerings in the coming months.  I suggest, if you are in the mood to explore something of substance, have a visit to this place!  You may find yourself attracted to the peace filled vibes they offer.

430 Adelaide Street West. 

A local TORONTO bookstore close to U of T offering an impressive selection of Mental Health Books. 

Click here for FaceBook Page

Keep small business alive! Shop local. It is a great place to loose yourself ...
if you like that sort of self care.

Learn the science behind energetic health. This is one of those life actions where you will see the results immediately and so will those surrounding you. No words I write will capture the deep influence this has had on me as an individual, except that I am no longer one.  I am all.  I wish this "awareness" for your beingness as well.

The story of Sadhguru...
Click here!

Actually not just the story, but his...sincerity!

my favourite is...#8!

Faith?  Want to move mountains?  Check out this perspective on life and faith.

Expectations, Attachments & how to manage  mental rises!
Get untangled mentally. 

Learn to "do" in a healthy balanced way.

Clarity on whether to make choices from your heart or head?

Another great is a sample, but they have lots of options.

Easy peasy...break it down to baby steps! Great for kids.

Anxiety Help!


Sincere extra's...

A spiritualists Netflix.

An overall healing tone.

Love Languages 101

Love Language 102

Sincere books...


The 5 Tibetan Rites
Youth & Rejuvenation.  

Starting with 5 sets
up to 21 max.

Background sounds...

In your office, in your car, public commuting... Just find your ideal, just be mindful of what you are listening to.  Meaning do it with intention.


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