Well led groups inspire individual growth and workplace fluidity.

Adding texture to well BEING.

awareness + action =  achievement

Curated events of substance and social health.

  • Select a topic of interest and we will match the ideal in-person MASTERS to learn and engage with.  
  • This well BEING learning experience can be hosted in the comfort of SIENTATE, private residences, business offices, or select recommended locations within the GTA and beyond. An out of town favourite  The Acres at High Shore

  • Ideal size: 4 to 7 guests. Can be tailored to larger groups, offices, and conferences. 

  • Day, evening, weekday and weekend sessions available (30 day advance booking preferred).

  • Simply inquire further.  Be sure to ask about our E-Access feature after each experience.
Meticulously hosted experiences of substance and sensibility.

Our exclusive well BEING experiences include...


A moment to learn the basics. Clear up limiting perspectives into what meditation is.  BEGIN the process into the practice of mastering oneself.

Giving you sincere sources to explore and engage with.

Deepen the connection to yourself and with others.

Available in 30,60 and 90 minute sessions

Starting at $188.00 per person.


Even though you do it all the time, how CONSCIOUS are you of its power to fuel you, calm you and CONNECT you to the PRESENT moment. 

Learn to SHIFT your energy with these easy to follow BREATHING techniques.

Tips on how to settle common physical stresses and dismantling mental discomforts.

Available in 30,60 and 90 minute sessions

Starting at $188.00 per person.


Ever wondered if TALKING to a therapist can REALLY help you?  What is the process like?  How to get the best out this big investment? 

Get a clear direction for what type of therapist may work best for you.  Become relaxed and ready to open up and grow at your ideal pace.

The best R.O.I for yourself HANDS DOWN.

Available in 30 and 60 minute sessions

Starting at $188.00 per person.

For those wanting a more IMMERSIVE experience...

Add a MENU option

A conscious MENU created by a trained chef and/or certified nutritionist.
Non-Alcoholic (preferred) with various specialty drinks as options. 
The menu is well thought out. Seasonal considerations, and if interested prepared with Ayurvedic approaches. 

Learn about the healing properties of your favourite foods and shift your daily intake awareness.

We can tailor the experience to your individual ideals, personal preferences and dietary requirements. 

Starting at an additional $22.00 per person minimum.  

No pressure PRODUCT exploration.

Sample, Test and Try out. Choose from our select list of wellness tools/products brought in for your exploration.  
From crystal mats to therapeutic lighting, from wellness machines to aura readers, this is the time to explore up close and personal what is out there.  And there is LOTS to explore, sample and test.

What are You Curious about?

Sound Therapy Products, Light Therapy Products, Energy Health Products, Meditation Tools, Pendulums, Feng Shui Products, Amethyst Bio Mats, Light Therapy, H2O Systems, PEMF Therapy, Brain Function and MORE!

Starting at an additional $44.00 per person.

ADD ON:  E-Access - A curated web page of your groups experience.
Includes researched links, private comments for support, positive images and more. 

Offering access to tailored tips, techniques and teachings post experience for continued guidance and growth support. 

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required for date confirmation.  30 days advance booking preferred. All events are tailored to your personal preferences and individual ideals. 
Email: or simply call 647-504-4301 to find out more about these curated experiences.


There is no medical advice dispensed or a prescribed use of any technique, treatment or therapy.  All discussions, products and services are not a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems discussed with your doctor/health professional either directly or indirectly.  We offer information for educational purposes only and our carefully selected products provide their own impressive warranties, returns and exchanges.  Each product has helped myself, family members, dear friends and appreciative clients.  I hope to share sincere items of well BEING for those with maximum interest and minimal resistance to self-care practices.

Simply explore further...

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