We are here to help your organization integrate well BEING in the NEW (Post Co-Vid) workplace .

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MEDITATION A moment of learning the basics. Clear up limiting perspectives into what meditation is and begin the process into the practice of mastering oneself and connecting with others. Providing effective methods from researched sources,  innovative products, and sincere tools from current Masters and  innovative product manufacturers.

Deepen the connection to yourself and others.

The benefits are immediate.

Online or In-Person Program Flows 

Available in 20, 40, 60 and 90 minute tutorial sessions

Shared moment discussing intention.

Guidance through the best suited practice(s).

Includes our Topic F.A.Q's or Hosted Q&A 


Let's discuss being guided well.  

Communications for
work FLOW wellness.

Learn fascinating insights how behaviour and emotions influence reactions and language. 

Why we do and say what we do. 

Step into a more aware way of communicating. 

Igniting the process of SELF-ACTUALIZATION for HEALTHY communications. 

  Half day (3.5 hrs) & Full day sessions (6 hrs).

One time or On-going. 

Helping groups GET along
and MOVE along. 

Let's learn about balancing moods, expectations, and reactions.  Minimize inner and outer judgements.  Develop healthy connections with those around you.

Let's clear up OLD beliefs to better serve PRESENT moments.

Available in 20 or 40 minutes sessions

One time or On-going. 

Call 647-504-4301 to support an environment of well BEING in your organization.

In case you are still wondering WHY?

When science meets mindfulness. By Harvard Gazette

6 Companies Using Meditation for a Productive and Happier Workplace

Understanding the Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs
Written by A. Hannah

Aetna figures the productivity gains alone amounted to $3,000 per employee, an eleven to-one return on its investment. 


There is no medical advice dispensed or a prescribed use of any technique, treatment or therapy.  All discussions, products and services are not a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems discussed with your doctor/health professional either directly or indirectly.  We offer information for educational purposes only and our carefully selected products provide their own impressive warranties, returns and exchanges.  Each product has helped myself, family members, dear friends and appreciative clients.  I hope to share sincere items of well BEING for those with maximum interest and minimal resistance to self-care practices.

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