Explore BREATHING techniques right for YOU.

Focused breathing can IMMEDIATELY settle common physical stresses and surfaced emotional discomforts.

Even though you do it all the time, how CONSCIOUS are you of its power to fuel, calm and CONNECT you to the PRESENT moment?

Become aware on how to SHIFT your energy with your BREATH.

There are a variety of sincere sources. offering different appeals to various folks. 

Below are sources hoping to inspire you well.
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An informative yet easy read that includes "A List Of The Best Breathing Exercises To Feel Calm, Alive & Relaxed"   
Enjoy these easy to follow techniques and learning breathing basics.



Here are 2 video's with insights on breathing techniques to help you through the flu and other respiratory ailments.

Also...take note, BOTH share insights on how NOT to rest on your back when you have breathing discomforts. 

Prayers of protection for everyone!


The following links are various types of breathing techniques from a variety of sources.

Focusing on ANXIETY and RESPIRATORY discomforts. Take a look to see which one's resonate with you best. 

Pursed lip breathing
Learn how to use pursed lip breathing to help with shortness of breath from COPD, asthma or other lung diseases.

Huff cough 
In this lesson, learn how to use the Huff Cough Technique to help clear your airways to help you breathe better.

5 Minutes...

Sometimes we need a little help to focus and align.

These 2 video's from respected sources will help you find a rhythm of well BEING. Take your pick to see which one works for you.  

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Our intention is to offer a variety of information and tools for those with interest in engaging in self care actions and self actualization techniques.  Offering information for educational and exploratory purposes.

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